My Internship with Richard Solomon

My Internship with Artitst Representative  Richard Solomon in New York City 
was incredible. Richard Solomon Is one of the top Artist Representatives in this country
representing 20 Award winning illustrators including Gary Kelly, Sterling
Hundley, C.F Payne and other great Illustrators. The Internship lasted three
weeks I stayed in the Eastside Village with my friend Anthony Tso Parents
who were extremely nice. At the internship my tasked included droping off
mail at the post office to picking up artwork from the Society of Illustrators.
Richard as an excellent team in the Office they are  Krista, Meridith and Scott.
I had such a great time with them and learn so much about the business of
Illustration During the Internship I had the privilege of meeting my favorite
artist Marcos Chin thanks to Krista Fuentes !! Marcos Chin was nice enough
to go have lunch with me and give me a great portfolio review. Over all it was
an amzing experiance. I want to thank Nikki Lopez for helping me get the internship,
Also Anthony Tso and his family for letting me stay there house in Nj and
apartment in the East side Village Im in for ever in your debut. Of course
thank to Richard and the Office for having me its was loads of fun and I had
an amazing time!!


Andrea Bowman said...

Thats so cool Sandra, I'm glad you had a great experience.

Nila Curry said...

aawww, I'm so proud of u Sandra! Keep enjoying what you do!! and post some artwork girl!!! hahaaa

Krista said...

Sandra the pleasure was all ours - you were a breath of fresh air! Looking forward to seeing you if you make your way back to NYC next year. Take care and thanks for all your help!!
-Krista and the staff at Solomon's