Alexander McQueen

Recently I have been really inspired by Alexander McQueen (my favoite fashion designer). This is a study from his Plato's Atlantis(spring  2010 ready to wear) collection. He is pretty ridiculous and this specific collection was very scfi an futuristic. 

-Sandra Lucia

Space monkeys

Lately I have re-sparked my fascination with space, after seeing the Discovery STS-128 Launch on my birthday weekend (Thanks to my boyfriend Jonathan Diaz for taking me!). This piece was done in corel painter, just trying to get the hang of the program after not using it for a while. The boy in this doodle is my younger brother Alexander, he just started his first year in college studying Anthropology at FAU, he has been talking about monkeys alot lately, so decided to place a monkey on his head. I have no clue if he is interested in becoming an anthropologist in space one day but it could be exciting research.

By the way its his birthday this week so Happy Birthday Alexander!!

My favorite place in the world

Grandfathers Farm

Greetings its been a while since I have posted, been busy girl. Last month I flew to Colombia with my boyfriend Jonathan, on a well deserve vacation. Thinking about it so much lately, this Illustration is a memory of what my grandfathers farm was like, I basically went and spent each summer since I was a kid. Unfortunately my mother had to sell it because she was scared she couldn't afford it any more. One day I hope to have a place to call home in Colombia.

When I got back Jon helped me get a job for Miami-Dade County as an Illustrator! Illustrating vectors , animating in flash, also creating story boards; a great job after school. I am really happy and grateful that I have a job, especially with this economy. And I hope that my friends that need work also get what they deserve soon.

The Four Seasons

Created a motion sequence of the four seasons as fashion illustrations in motion. Each season will be represented by one elegant young girl and usual garment. Each garment was design with elements of the background. With the invention of electronic paper I can see my fashion illustrations come to life in magazines like Vogue, W or Cosmopolitan. Merging both my passion of fashion illustration and motion design.