Participating in Small Stuff 5!

Please join me for the opening of  Small Stuff show this coming Sunday, November 20th from 1-5pm TATE'S Comics + Toys + Videos + More

5 reasons you don't want to miss the Small Stuff opening:

>Truly fantastic art for great prices, really great!

>It is cash and carry, so you get to take your new artwork home as soon as you buy it!

>If you don't come to the opening, you will MISS OUT on some great art. Since it goes home right away you won't even get to SEE the best stuff unless you come to the opening!

>Mimosas!!! ...and doughnut treats! :-o

>Start your holiday shopping right BEFORE Thanksgiving, that way you can feel like you're ahead of the game. Art=awesome gifts.

La Muñecas: Chica

La Muñecas: Alexandra Oui Desir... a.k.a.Chica  The first day at Norland Middle school I sat next to this crazy girl in my Art class.. She taught me that Colombians don't  speak Colombian but  instead spanish just like Haitians speak Creole. With a few amazing girls we were part of a group called Hot Devils ;)  Chica and me also ended up taking Fashion at Design and Architecture Senior High .. Alexandria had the best catwalk and can dance  even taught this white girl how to do the Tootsie Roll ..  Chica had sass, but yet was humble unlike other people we knew.. She was always was a great friend to me even if we didn't spend every lunch together.  Miss her so much and I hope to visit her  in NYC and have a crazy adventure with my Chica.. Love You Chica hope you still like the color Yellow.. <3 <3