my lovly red heels

This is my dry brush!!! I love these heels!!


I like crazy colors on my fruits!!!

my beatiful mother

Hopefully ill have a finshed oil rub of this before christmas!!! Oil rubs for every one!!!

Animal in Disguise

Another tigth sketch.. A rabbit is disguise as an armidillo to feel protected from the wolf that lerks arounnd..

every hair on my lion

tigth skecth final should be done before tuesday!!


THESE are my oil rubs from media!!!!


This is the PHOBIA assignment for Mr.Hodges, the first we take to final .. My phobia was Fear of ugliness!! Its was a lot of fun coming up with concepts and thumbnail for it.. This piece made me remember when I was a little girl, how my Mother would dress me up, curl my hair, well basically doll me up how I hated it (Especially those ulgy puff itch dresses!!!).. I want to tank Caitlyn, Miriam, Cesca, Summer and Ekki for being my reference models!!! Caitlyn for taking the most amazing reference(and being sexy!!!) Also Nick Hammer for getting me out of the struggle of acrylics and being amazing!!

so decide to work on my turtle a little more...

Third assigment


THis one of my favoite mediums i painted a portait of Pharrell Williams..

Second Assigment


I took this image from my own stock of photographs
This was from a car show in Miami..

First assignement in Illustration Media
Pen and iNK.. I like my baby turtle!!!