I am really enjoying graphic design..this is a poster i did for intro to gic. i played around with differnt textures and decied to go with this brigth yellow background and went with it.


I am currently working on a editorial piece In Mr.Hogdes class about a girl that is a shoplifter, nah not Winona Ryder.. Any way Here are my thumbnails for the piece Im about to work on my tigth skecth that will also be posted soon..


there are memories that come back now and agian.. someone that have been roaming around my thougth is my grandpa.. He is 96 but has a heart of a 12 year old..

shannon final piece

Sometimes Shannon likes to slay people after a long day of powning you in art..jk
I really enjoyed doing this piece, there are many thing I still want to fix but over
all its an alright piece. I used this special paper that i got from artand frame for
the clover leaf background,its amazing texture to paint on. I like the the sense
of movement of this piece its something i would like to see more of in my

Tigh skecth

final tight skecth show my idealize version of shannon..