Its winter in Colombia.

I been thinking about my trip to colombia lately and I rembered that it was actually winter there. Im sure you remember that the earth is on an axis and therefore it can be summer in the northern hemisphere but winter in the southern hemisphere.


Andrea Montano said...

Weird, right? I still haven't seen snow so, for it to be "winter" in Colombia is kind of crazy (I mean, I know Medellin is around 10-20C (60-70 F?) but cooler than that it's weird really.
Smell the flowers for me and enjoy the fashions of Medellins :O! *dances*

luis espinosa said...

pretty cool

potatomamma said...

Woo, sexy!
Very charming illustration!

Happy Potato Greetings,

Arrolynn said...

I love it! I like the way you use hair and clothing to act as a frame. Very nice!

Nila Curry said...

I'm with Andrea, I've never seen snow. Sandra your fashion illus is amazing. I'm still waiting for you to update your blog heehee