Double Feature!

Lately I have been incredibly busy and defiantly this has amazing week for me.  In addition to all the great new I was featured this week on two great blogs. On Monday my Rock the Vote illustration was  a companion to an article on   Escape from Illustration Island, by Thomas James has a fantastic podcast every illustrator should tuned into.  Wednesday I was featured on  Illustration Served powered by Behance and the Society of illustrators. Even though the work is older its pretty nice to know people like my work. Have a great weekend!

Monsters Under My Bed Show!!

Next Saturday on October 2 will be the opening of Monsters Under My Bed a group show I am participating in at Tates Comic shop. If your in the area make sure to come by, it will defiantly be a night of mayhem!

La Madremonte - Providence, RI

               So I became an official Finalist for The Pride of Our Heritage: Mural Design Contest sponsored by Verizon Wireless. In honor of Hispanic Heritage month seven designs from seven different artist will be selected and transformed into murals throughout local communities! My submission was la Madremonte illustration, it's my interpretation of the Colombian legend its a piece of my heritage. The winning  design will made into a public mural; the artist $500 gift certificate to an art supply store and possible inclusion in a one page advertisement in a national art publication.Special thanks to my friend Christian Castro for giving me a heads up for the  during the submission. It would mean the world to me it you could take a couple of seconds and vote for my design (especially if you have asked me to vote for you in the past)  Thank you

         Soy una finalista oficial para el Concurso de Mural: Orgullo de Nuestra Herencia   patrocinado por Verizon Wireless. En honor del mes de la Hispanidad siete diseños de siete diferentes artistas serán seleccionados y seran transformados en murales en 7 comunidades locales! La Ilustracion Madremonte, es mi interpretación de la leyenda colombiana que siempre  sera un pedazo de mi herencia. El diseño ganadores  serán hechos  en un mural público, el artista le daran $ 500 para gastar en una tienda de arte y su posible inclusión en un anuncio de una página en una publicación nacional de arte. Significaría el mundo para mí que usted podría tomar unos segundos para votar por mi ilustracion la Madremonte (sobre todo si me han pedido que voten por ustedes en el pasado) Por favor voten por mi diseño para representar a Colombia en este mes de la hispanidad! Gracias!

Published in U P P E R C A S E issue 7!

Great news I have just  been published in UPPERCASE magazine Issue 7, pretty excited to get published in print for the very first time! This magazine is for all types of creativities including artists, illustrators, designers, photographers, filmmakers and musicians. Currently being printed soon to be released, If you'd like to order a copy or subscribe, enter the code "bookish" for 10% off your order. Tomorrow I will have a big announcement that I will be needing your help!

Una Gran noticia! Me publicadron una Illustration en la revista UPPERCASE  número 7, muy emocionada que por primera vez  me  publican en una revista! Esta revista es para todo tipo de creativos incluidos los artistas, ilustradores, diseñadores, fotógrafos, cineastas y músicos.  Si usted desea pedir una copia o suscribirse, introduzca el código "bookish" para un 10% de descuento.