Participating in Small Stuff 5!

Please join me for the opening of  Small Stuff show this coming Sunday, November 20th from 1-5pm TATE'S Comics + Toys + Videos + More

5 reasons you don't want to miss the Small Stuff opening:

>Truly fantastic art for great prices, really great!

>It is cash and carry, so you get to take your new artwork home as soon as you buy it!

>If you don't come to the opening, you will MISS OUT on some great art. Since it goes home right away you won't even get to SEE the best stuff unless you come to the opening!

>Mimosas!!! ...and doughnut treats! :-o

>Start your holiday shopping right BEFORE Thanksgiving, that way you can feel like you're ahead of the game. Art=awesome gifts.

La Muñecas: Chica

La Muñecas: Alexandra Oui Desir... a.k.a.Chica  The first day at Norland Middle school I sat next to this crazy girl in my Art class.. She taught me that Colombians don't  speak Colombian but  instead spanish just like Haitians speak Creole. With a few amazing girls we were part of a group called Hot Devils ;)  Chica and me also ended up taking Fashion at Design and Architecture Senior High .. Alexandria had the best catwalk and can dance  even taught this white girl how to do the Tootsie Roll ..  Chica had sass, but yet was humble unlike other people we knew.. She was always was a great friend to me even if we didn't spend every lunch together.  Miss her so much and I hope to visit her  in NYC and have a crazy adventure with my Chica.. Love You Chica hope you still like the color Yellow.. <3 <3

Creep Cinema

TONIGHT!!! Creep Cinema!!

Bi-Annual South Florida Locals Only Exhibition inspired by scary movies.
ON EXHIBIT: October 1 – November 12, 2011
Opening night reception: 
Saturday, October 1, 2011 • 6-10pm (Free and open to the public)

Jonathan and I have collaborated for the first time on a Nightmare 
before Christmas illustration! If you your in south florida stop by tonight
to see our piece! 

La Muneca: Thatiana Taborda

Continuing my digital doll series with my cousin Thatiana Taborda. She is a smart and beautiful teenage girl that I have seen grown up before my eyes. When I was young she would come over my house and started to draw on the floor on a big piece of newsprint. As a little toddler she looked so adorable that I decided to draw her. When I was done I gave her the drawing she put it up in her room and I thought  that was sweet. Next year, she will be fifteen and and she will be having her quince's party; I'm really looking forward to what this young lady will become in the future and I hope she knows how much I care about her and how proud to be her cousin. Love you Tati!

Muneca: Eiki Iwamura

Eiki is one of the sweetest girls I have ever had the pleasure to meet! During my sophomore year at Ringling College of Art Design she was incoming Animation student. Originally from Kyoto, Japan she is decked out in her full tradition Geisha outfit looking very beautiful! Since graduation its  been a long time since I seen her.  Just want Eiki to know much I miss her and I hope to see her soon.

The Sketchbook Project

I'm excited to participate in the Sketchbook Project, traveling exhibition of sketchbooks will be posting my progress on my blog.. If your in illustrator you should participate too!

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Mid Year Workshop

Last Month I attended the SCBWI Mid-year workshop at Walt Disney Coronado Resort. Had a fantastic  time I was able to meet many wonderful Illustrators and Authors that are passionate about children's books! Made sure to take the Digital Workshop Track in which four speakers discussed the process of making  picture book apps and e-Books. After the workshops Lucy Cummins was one of the awesome Art Directors critiquing my portfolio.  She suggested I start a Daily sketch project on my blog which is one of her many excellent Ideas! Had a wonderful time cant wait to go to my next conference!!

So my daily sketches are going to be of the girls of my life,  Las Muñecas..

The Candileja

La Candileja is said to be the spirit of a vicious old woman, who was in charge of her grandchildren but neglected to teach then any moral principles, so they grew up as murderers and thieves. In the afterlife she was damned to travel around the world surrounded by flames.

Illustration Friday: Launch Kites

This week topic on Illustration Friday is launch and the first thing to came to my mind is launching a kite from the top of a mountain.. My cousin Felipe and I  use to make kites with craft paper, sticks,  and strings sometimes the strings would snap and they would fly away from us.

Esta semana en Illustration Friday el tema es lanzamiento y lo primero que me vino a la mente es el lanzamiento de una cometa desde la cima de una montaña .. Mi primo Felipe y yo hacemos cometas con papel artesanal, palos, y cuerdas. A veces las cuerdas se rompería y volarían lejos de nosotros.

Great News! Just won a Bronze Telly Award for the Recycling Machine Spot!

Last friday my coworker Robert Molina told me that the Miami-Dade TV team just won a National Bronze Telly Award forthe Recycling Machine Spot in the Public Service category! Thank you MDTV It was a pleasure work with such a fun department during this project! Take a look at the Recycle Machine on my website or check out the video below.

Medellin 2011

In March I went to Medellin Colombia to celebrate my grandfathers 99 Birthday and ride on my cousins Felipe's motorcycle though a bunch of small towns close to the beautiful city of Medellin.

Guardián del Bosque

Guardián del Bosque
As a little girl I always felt like I had a someone watching over me, especially the days I would wonder through the forest close to my grandfather's farm alone. Sometimes in this forest I would see things that I couldn't really  explain, observe blinking lights, hear weird sounds and see figures manifesting themselves. Maybe those were  spirits of Ancestors lurking past generations that lived in the farm.

Cuando era pequeña siempre me sentí como si hubiera alguien cuidando de me, especialmente cuando  me gustaría ir a  el bosque cercano a la finca de el abuelo sola. A veces, en este bosque vera cosas querealmente no  me podía explicar, observar las luces parpadeantes, escuchar sonidos extraños y vera  figuras que se manifiestan. Tal vez esos eran los espíritus de los antepasados ​​que vivieron en la finca.

Ted Talk: Mick Ebeling founded the Not Impossible Foundation

The nerve disease ALS left graffiti artist TEMPT paralyzed from head to toe, forced to communicate blink by blink. In a remarkable talk at TEDActive, entrepreneur Mick Ebeling shares how he and a team of collaborators built an open-source invention that gave the artist and gives others in his circumstance -- the means to make art again. :)

FU River Spirt

Lately I been fascinated with myths and legends from all over especially South America, This is an illustration about an amazon spirit that lives in the great rivers of the amazon.

Últimamente he estado fascinada con los mitos y leyendas, especialmente de Sur América, Este es un espíritu  que vive en los grandes ríos de la amazonía.

La Muneca

BE THERE BE SQUARE equal on all four sides

On exhibit: January 15 - February 26, 2011
Tate's Comics Ft. Lauderdale 

New Start

Life has really been a really intense last couple of months of 2010, it defiantly felt like my world came crashing  down. Towards the end of November I decided to moved out of my family’s house due domestic problems. It was time to move away from a bad situation something I should of done much sooner..  Extremely lucky to have very incredible boyfriend Jonathan who is helping me in every way he can. Jonathan cheers me up whenever I think negative and can stand me when I am grumpy or stressed, We just celebrated our 2nd Anniversary and I took Jon to see the  Cirque de Soliel show Kooza which is in town. Last weekend I bought my first car which made me into a Nervous wreck I been needing to do for a while it was a 2011 Nissan Versa in a electric blue this a step for the many things I need to continue pursuing. New Art work will be posted soon working on a couple illustrations including a redesign of my identity and website. Wishing everyone alot of new and exciting Adventures for 2011!