YaYa Munny

I finally finished my Munny vinyl toy and her name is YaYa Arias.

Business Card

Lately I have been really thinking of self promotion I been designing my site and finally designing buisness card. Im having trouble deciding what font to use either the arcade or catfish script or even looking for another? If you favor one or the other or neither let me know please!

The Forbidden Room of the Osorio Brothers:Childrens Book IIlustration

My story is about two mysterious painters Victor and Angel that are very talented that live in this small town in Colombia. They have a secret room that is off limits and two curios kids Lucia and Juan want to find out what is in this room!! The story comes from my mothers hometown of Abejorral where these infamous painters lived, they never had any training but they were still very talented. I intend to finish the book and get it published in Colombia.Im sure to illustrate and retell many stories from my family.


Secret Room

Meeting Victor


This is my Winter fashion illustration
it will part of a series of the four season.

Alice In Wonderland!

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This is my bookcover for Alice in Wonderland I am really exicted
with how this piece turned out I feel like I have a better direction
with my work. I enjoy working with Flat shapes and working out
good Compositions during procees. Finally I let the illustration
just flow and just had fun with it.


Mclean and me are celebrating 13 sweet Months of being together! Yay! We have been thru so many great and not so great things but in the after everything we grow stronger together. He is truly a Fantastic Boyfreind!


Some sketchs from Fews!


This semester has treated me very well! I have really great teachers no 8:30s but the BEST apart are my roomates! These girls are really amazing I never felt so Loved by any other roomates! We like to have Tea Parties! and have lots of Yummy food! I am extremly luckyand grateful to have them as roomates! Left to right Witty Becky Prise, Crazy Violet Kirk, Cute Shannon Doran and Myself Sandra Builes!

Mi Querido Viejo

Last summer portait of my father done in oil; My Father is a true prankster, amazing story teller and is in love with wide collection of Music (mostly spanish ballads from the 70s) in his Mini Discs. I really enjoyed doing these portaits I learned alot from them.

first illustrtion for Mr. theil class!


My grandfather is 96 but it seems like he is twelve, always pulling pranks on people. He has a very good hearted person always surrounds u with laughter.

Alexander Julio Builes My Bro

Alex is one of the most important people in my life, we are extremely close. He is very Mature for only being 16.He has all ready decided that in college he will major in history..

La Prima

This is a portrait of my cousin Daisy who is currently in Colombia..She is a pretty smart little girl who is going thru alot at the age of eight, from her parents getting divorce to her best friend being kidnapped. She has handle these problems very well, it is like she blows them away. I'm doing a series of portraits of my family using vibrant colors, different moods and that reflect their personalities..


I am really enjoying graphic design..this is a poster i did for intro to gic. i played around with differnt textures and decied to go with this brigth yellow background and went with it.


I am currently working on a editorial piece In Mr.Hogdes class about a girl that is a shoplifter, nah not Winona Ryder.. Any way Here are my thumbnails for the piece Im about to work on my tigth skecth that will also be posted soon..


there are memories that come back now and agian.. someone that have been roaming around my thougth is my grandpa.. He is 96 but has a heart of a 12 year old..

shannon final piece

Sometimes Shannon likes to slay people after a long day of powning you in art..jk
I really enjoyed doing this piece, there are many thing I still want to fix but over
all its an alright piece. I used this special paper that i got from artand frame for
the clover leaf background,its amazing texture to paint on. I like the the sense
of movement of this piece its something i would like to see more of in my

Tigh skecth

final tight skecth show my idealize version of shannon..