Custom Munny Show at Kidrobot Miami!

River Spirit- custom munny  7"

Last week Kidrobot Miami hosted a Decorating party and put on there next custom show..The river spirit above was my submission to this show cant wait to make more! I'm going to try woking in different DIY shapes and working with sculpy to form new shapes.

La semana pasada Kidrobot Miami organizóuna fiesta de decoración y un show de munnys.  El espíritu del río fue mi munny y hora tengo que ser hacer más! Voy a tratar de trabajar endiferentes formas e y con Sculpy para crear formas nuevas.


Linda Hensley said...

I grew up next to a river and used to make something like this out of the clay to watch over the river when I had to go home at night. Okay, mine weren't quite as pretty as yours since they were mostly globby mud things, but it's interesting how the basic idea looked so similar. Very nice!

luis espinosa said...


Sandra Lucia said...

Thank You Linda and Luis! :)